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We will live in a hotel or in a villa. Accommodation in 2-bed rooms with separate beds. Single room available on request.

✔️ Accommodation;
✔️ Meals *;
✔️ Group transfer from / to the airport;
✔️ Transfer to the mountains and back;
✔️ Professional video about the rest;
✔️ Branded gifts. DOES NOT INCLUDE COST:
➖ Air tickets (we will help with searching, if you wish, we will book);
➖ Insurance (we will show you the best option);
➖ Visa (help with registration);
➖ Skipas (purchased locally). * if you choose a package with meals.

For winter tours in France, we buy tickets to Geneva airport.  Before buying a ticket, please check with us your arrival.

Insurance is a mandatory attribute of your trip with us. Insurance can be issued on their own before you go on a trip or purchase on the spot at the ticket office of a ski resort. If you apply for insurance in advance, then make sure that it applies to insurance claims in the mountains. When you make insurance policies, pay attention to the following:
✔️ The insurance should cover insurance claims at the ski resort, choose the “SPORT” package.
✔️ The size of insurance coverage is recommended to do at least $ 30,000 honey. insurance + $ 3,000 from an accident.
✔️ Include in the number of days of insurance the days that you will be in flight. Find out what your actions should be if the insured event arises and in what order (call the insurance, in what form and at what time to provide documents, etc.) Of course, we sincerely hope that none of you you will need insurance, but it is important to pay attention to their design. You can buy insurance at the entrance to the Visa Center, at the insurance company’s office, online or directly at the ski resort. and select the most uchshy variant.
⚠️ If you are experiencing difficulty in finding and buying insurance, we can do it for you.

We will meet you at the airport and deliver to the place of our stay. We will check your flight number and exact arrival time with you in advance.

Of course. With the reservation of hotels and transfers will help, options for the pastime will tell.

The sooner you book your trip, the more profitable it is.

In addition, by starting the paperwork in advance, you can get all the necessary visas in a comfortable for yourself schedule and not worry that someone else will book your place.
Payment 50% or 100% of the cost (depending on the tour)
We issue you an invoice from a company (registered in Slovenia), which you can pay in euros at any bank.
There is an alternative method, payment in rubles by transfer to a Sberbank card.
Tell us which payment method is preferable for you and we will send you the payment details.
The remaining 50% of the cost is paid upon arrival.
If it is not possible to pay the specified amount immediately, then a reservation in the amount of a deposit of 100 euros (or an equivalent amount in rubles) is possible to secure the place.
The remaining amount of the prepayment (or full payment, depending on the tour) must be paid before your arrival.
After the repayment of the tour, we will send you a confirmation, if necessary, we will send the contract.
For registration of the contract, we will need a photocopy of your passport and registration address. For a quick connection, write to the organizer at WhatsApp / Viber / Telegram: + 38630657181, or use the quick connection button:
100 euro deposit is non-refundable, but is taken into account on the next trip.
Prepayment refund is possible no later than 40 days before the start of the trip.
Refunds are made less expenses incurred.
1. Ski equipment – snowboarding, skiing, boots (or rent on site);
2. Protective accessories – helmet, mask are required, the rest (shorts, armor) at will;
3. Slippers / flip flops;
4. Skiing equipment – suit, thermal underwear, gloves;
5. If you have a chronic illness / allergy – do not forget to take the medication with you.
6. Insurance in printed form, if you made it online.
7. A backpack, if you plan to take lunch boxes to the mountains. Good mood!

How to get a Schengen visa?

Getting a Schengen visa is easy enough.

To do this, prepare a package of documents in advance and submit them to the Visa Application Center / Embassy.

The standard term for the production of a visa is within 7-15 days from the moment of submission of documents.

⚠️ If you experience difficulties in processing documents for a visa, we can do it for you.

We provide information support, help with filling out the questionnaire and current questions on the preparation / submission of documents.

For those who apply in Moscow, we offer support to the visa center.

To apply for a visa, you need to prepare:
1. FORM for a visa, completed and signed by the applicant.
2. ZAGRANPASPORT, valid for at least three months after the expected date (last) departure from the Schengen zone, has at least two blank pages and has been issued during the past ten years.
3. PHOTOS in accordance with the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)
4. A TRAVELER’S MEDICAL INSURANCE for the entire period of the intended trip valid in all Schengen countries. The minimum insurance amount is € 30.000.
5. COPY OF THE DOMESTIC PASSPORT: pages with biographical data of the applicant, with notes on his / her foreign passport / passports, his / her marital status and registration in Russia.
6. TICKETS: attach a copy of e-tickets or itinerary receipt.
7. CONFIRMATION OF AVAILABILITY OF WORK (with information about salary and that you are granted paid vacation for these dates) The form is in the personnel department, if not, write to us, we will help. For students – certificate from the institute.
8. CONFIRMATION OF FINANCIAL FUNDS (for example, a bank account statement on the availability of funds at the rate of at least € 50 per day of the trip). for 8 days you must show at least 400 € or an equivalent amount in rubles – 30 000 rubles. More is better, but not less. If there is no account, you can open a deposit account, for example, in Sberbank.
9. CONFIRMATION OF ACCOMMODATION: hotel reservation or invitation.
10. Pay for a visa fee occurs at the visa application center
An application for a Schengen visa is filed with the Consulate of the country you intend to visit.
To visit several Schengen states, and the stay will be the same in duration, you must submit an application to the Consulate of the country, whose external borders you cross first of all when entering the Schengen zone.
Documents for a visa can be submitted no more than three months before the start of the intended trip.
It is advisable to submit documents no less than 15 calendar days before the planned trip. It is also recommended to apply for a visa taking into account national holidays in the Schengen state and in the country where you are apply for a visa.
Owners of a multiple entry visa (valid for at least six months) can apply for a new visa before the expiration date of this visa.
As a rule, after submitting documents for a Schengen visa, the decision is made by the consulate within 15 calendar days. This period can be extended to 30 days or 60 days.
Visa fee: € 35 for CITIZENS
Amount of service fee: Along with the visa fee, the service and visa center will charge a service fee of 25 Euro.

The photo should show the face in full face from the tip of the chin to the top of the head, and the left and right halves of the face should be clearly visible. The size of your face from the chin to the top of the head should be from 32mm (1) inches) to 36 mm (1 3/8 inches). The look should be directed directly into the camera with a neutral facial expression, with the mouth closed without a smile. The maximum height of the photo is 45 mm. The image of the face should be clear, bright and contrast. Please avoid the presence of reflections, shadows and highlights on the face, the presence of red eyes. The background should be uniform and light, creating a sufficient level of contrast between the face and the hair (ideally neutral gray). Eyes should be visible in the photo (no glare on glasses, tinted glasses and sunglasses are allowed). The frame should not turn a blind eye. The photo should be printed on high-quality photographic paper with a resolution of at least 300 pixels per inch. Colors should be natural and naturally convey skin color. The photo should be free of bends, scratches and spots. Photos made using special photo programs are not allowed. Please follow the link in order to familiarize yourself with the requirements for photos presented in the ICAO Act Please note that a photo must not be older than 6 months.