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You are 100% on this tour if you want:

Фитнес туры

Lose weight and improve your body shape.

Daily trainings for the result with Victoria Tsaturyan are waiting for you

Фитнес туры

Get a beautiful tan

You relax on the sea and visit several beaches at once.

Фитнес туры

Get new knowledge

The program includes seminars on nutrition and training.

Фитнес туры

Go on a trip

You will see fantastic beauty places

Fitness tours

Relax in the company

You no longer need to look for a company with whom to go on vacation;)

What will happen?

Our tours are 100% for you if you:

  • Want to lose weight or build muscle;
  • You feel burnout at work and the level of stress is already at the limit;
  • Do not know who to go on vacation, looking for a fellow traveler or companion;
  • They were fed up with hotel rest in resorts in Turkey, Cyprus, and others;
  • You dream to recharge your batteries and pleasant memories that you will never forget.

Watch a video on how we go Fitness tours

“World camp” invites you to get out of the routine of everyday work, city life …
… and go on your most unforgettable vacation!

What will happen?

Throughout the rest, you will work with a personal fitness trainer, an expert practitioner in the field of cleansing and healing the body, as well as an experienced guide-guide who will open the most exciting places in the country you choose!

We tried to combine all the popular areas of outdoor activities – fitness training in the hall and in the open air, hiking and trekking, yoga at dawn / dusk, cycling routes, quad biking, paragliding, parachuting and much more – and creating a unique offer for most demanding customers.

In addition to the sea of ​​photos and impressions, you will achieve your desired goal, whether it is losing weight or body shaping under the supervision of experienced instructors, and you will be supported by a team of like-minded people. Together to achieve results is much easier!

And even after the tour, we provide support in the field of nutrition and training systems.

Your result is important for us! Choose an interesting author’s tour and start collecting things – we have already thought out the rest for you!

Here are just a few of the benefits that you get when you come to our tour:

Fitness tours

Sophisticated travel program

You will recognize the country through active rest. Every day you will find a new place and a new discovery!

Fitness tours

Large selection of activities for extreme sports

We realize any of your dreams, be it a parachute jump or climbing the highest peak of the mountain.

Fitness tours

The author's method of training from existing athletes

Designed for both beginner and athlete. Professionals will work with you!

Fitness tours

Nutrition Expert Support

You will forget what diets are and come back from rest with the habit of eating right.

Fitness tours

Personal chef or private area

You do not have to tempt yourself with the temptations of a common buffet - your diet is calculated and balanced.

Fitness tours

Comfortable accommodation for each participant

Perhaps family or single occupancy. Standard - 2-bed room with twin beds.

Fitness tours

Comfortable groups - up to 16 people in a star

You feel yourself in a cozy company of friends, united together to achieve results and rest!

Fitness tours

24 hour tour leader support

Throughout the tour at any time you can ask for help or advice.

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