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Photo tour with World Camp

We offer you not only to visit a particular country as a tourist, but to look at everything through the eyes of the photographer, noting the beauty even in the most ordinary.

We will join the local culture in order to better experience a foreign country. We will visit the most significant places and sights, recall the history and learn new interesting facts, taste the dishes of the local cuisine and imbue with the traditions of an unfamiliar place.

You will learn to discover the beauty of natural landscapes and architectural structures. Notice important nuances and show them in a favorable light. You will discover a new interesting world of photo tours, in which all the impressions of the trip go home with you. At any given time, thanks to the photos taken,

You can once again plunge into the memories and feel the atmosphere of the tour. You will take with you not just a lot of gorgeous pictures, but also new knowledge in the field of photography, as well as pleasant acquaintances and unforgettable impressions of the beauty and uniqueness of the Old World.

On the trip, you will certainly be accompanied by photographers who will open you to the wonderful world of photo travel.

Photo tours

Maria Sayamova

Travel blogger on Instagram

Maria is very bright and amazingly friendly girl, the company is never boring. With it, even in everyday objects, you can find something attractive and attractive. Pictures taken under the guidance of Masha will remind you that every moment is unique and inimitable. A correct viewer will help you to more vividly convey impressions of the moment.

Sima Lapteva

Travel blogger in InstagramSima
has been keeping an interesting blog on Instagram for a long time. You can see for yourself. How many lives and souls are in her photos and posts … She will certainly share her knowledge and skills during our tour. Be sure, after the end of the trip, your account will also shine with chic photos!
Photo tours
“World camp” invites you to get out of the routine of everyday work, city life …… and go on your most unforgettable vacation!

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